I Lived and Learned!

TCC Head Start 7-17-2013

Yesterday, my new children’s book, Taj Cleans the Garage, took its maiden voyage inside of a Head Start classroom where I read it to my intended audience: Several little people, from 3-5 years old. Yes, I was nervous, although I didn’t understand why. It wasn’t like they were seasoned book critics who would analyze the quality of Taj’s many adventures, or whether or not the flying horse spread his wings east and west, instead of north and south. No, I think that I was nervous because I desperately wanted them to be excited about my book and to like it.  They were, and they did.

I have several questions at the end of the book, and when I asked, “Where would you like the flying horse to take you?” I was reminded over and over again that all things familiar were things that resonate with them the most. They said, “To Grandma’s house,” “Home,” and “To the store.” And they were so cute!  I was pleased that they sat and listened, and I was ready to talk to them forever, when one little girl asked, “Can I go and play now?”  Of course you can, sweetie; you all can.

So, lesson learned.  It’s not about me. Don’t ask the children all 10 questions at the end of the book, maybe three or four, and let them talk. Because they will, and their answers are priceless.

I met several vendors at the Head Start Fair who asked me to read at their upcoming events and/or passed on info about other opportunities to read my book.  I can’t wait.

To learn more about The Children’s Center Head Start Academy, please call them at 313.831.5535 or email TCCacademy@childrensctr.net.

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